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                                                                    Town Mountain Preserve Q&A


1)What are the HOA dues?
The dues are currently $1,400 per year. They include maintenance for the communities’ private roads, the community park, and two gated entrances. There is a $1,500 one-time fee when you submit your architectural plans for review.


2) What is the tax rate?

Town Mountain Preserve is not subject to Asheville city taxes and the current Buncombe County tax rate is $0.80 per $100.


3) Tell me about utilities at Town Mountain Preserve...

There is a one time Road Impact Fee of $2,500 once your building plans are approved by the Architectural Control Committee.


4) What is the size of Town Mountain Preserve?

182 acres with 74 total home sites (some have been combined by owners). Nine lots available ranging from $175,500-$440,000.


5) What is the minimum square footage to build?

1800 square feet for a one level and 2200 square feet for a two level home.


6) When I purchase a lot, how soon do I have to start building?

There are no minimum build times in Town Mountain Preserve. Unlike most we do not have a limit to start.

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